• Q. Where is the Buddy Sharp BIO ?

    Buddy Sharp.. Typically I carry one around in my wallet. Just Joking! The Bio is located on the Courses Page. PDF Only.

  • Q. Are the purchase of Bundled Courses available and if not available will bundles be available for purchase in the near future?

    Buddy Sharp.. The creation of bundles and the availability of purchasing bundles is not available at this time. But yes in the near future we will have bundles for purchase. Early 2022 is our target date.

  • Q. How many days of course viewing is available until the course purchased expires?

    Buddy Sharp.. All purchased courses have a 45 day viewing availability from date of purchase.

  • Does the BSHAcademy have a Start Up Affiliate Program?

    Buddy Sharp. . Please send an email describing your Affiliate level of interest. A representative will contact you. info.buddysharpha@gmail.com