• Q. Does this site provide Continuing Education Hours to renew my Cosmetology License?

    Buddy Sharp. No. Continuing Education Hours are not earned for Viewing these courses. For the state of Texas CEs, go to the buddysharphairacademy.com and click on the CE link.

  • Are Bundled Courses available for purchase?

    Buddy Sharp. Bundled Courses are available, and I strongly recommend you watch for the varied and informative Marketing Ideas for your Career Growth.

  • Q. How many days of course viewing is available until the course purchased expires?

    Buddy Sharp. All purchased courses have a minimum of15 to 30 days viewing availability from date of purchase.

  • Can my Salon arrange for Buddy Sharp to come and Teach a Course in person?

    Buddy Sharp. Yes, please send an email describing your interest and all details of your salon requests. A representative will contact you. [email protected]